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Much like, has plenty of to go around This is a list of the playable characters who were introduced in the arcade version of.

In the fourth game, her Exceed Accel Duo Cultus has her stun the foe with her swords.. Lambda is normally subservient to Kokonoe except whenever Ragna is involved, something that Kokonoe is extremely annoyed with.. She will be based on Nu’s current Luna Form stance To further differentiate herself from Nu, the swords that Lambda summons are brand-new and she has a green, ethereal aura surrounding her.. •: Her story arc during the latter half of the series •: She’s normally separated from her weapon.

Her Drive has been renamed Sword Summoner II The swords that she summons have shorter range but bigger hitbox than Nu’s.. List of BlazBlue characters In the true ending of Calamity Trigger, where she appears as a sub-character, she is assigned by Hazama to kill Noel and Jin.

This is exactly what Kokonoe does to her, effectively mercy-killing the last remnants of Lambda by erasing her memories, and Lambda was aware but unable to say or do anything to prevent it.

•: She’s a Murakumo Unit and is about as dangerous as either of her ‘sisters’.. In Chronophantasma, Lambda disappears to make way for the return of Nu However, in CPEX, Lambda is added again to the roster on October 9, 2014.. • It doesn’t get much better after Kokonoe revives her Lambda’s worst fear- and primary source of trauma- was being treated like a doll instead of an actual being that could think and feel.. Voice actors are listed as Japanese/English It may also contain unmarked spoilers.. Her playstyle is also different from Nu’s, while still mostly a zoning character, Lambda focuses more on getting up close to her opponent and using her melee attacks. 5ebbf469cd


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